A small insight into a handful of projects I’m involved with and responsible for.

The Glam Gizmo

The Glam Gizmo is a Sci-Fi / Thriller audio drama series I created with SYN Media and have since taken under my own wing. Comprising of two seasons and a third on the way, the ongoing story is embedded in the roots of Australia with the lead ensemble of characters commuting around Melbourne and within proximity as they are stalked by ghoulish monsters on a regular basis. You can listen to all released episodes here.

In the first episode, Max (Clint Facey, Home and Away) and Lucy (AJ Winters) are matched against the malicious Boltizor, a man with characteristics of a reptile as he plots to turn people into felt puppets for entertainment purposes on Luna Park’s ghost train.

Tom Denham’s Dream Machine

Dream Machine is an original conversation / interview podcast I began in August 2021 leaning into my circle of creatively-minded people I know discussing the mantra behind “why do you do what you do”. Across ten episodes for Season One, I spoke to a variety of visual artists, musicians, singer-songwriters, authors and pioneers in the Australian creative arts industry. You can listen to all released episodes here.

Right On Track

Right On Track is a review podcast I produce and panel alongside co-hosts Tom Parry and Connor Jonas. With a track-record of almost 50 episodes, we discuss the original Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends TV series from it’s beginnings in 1984 through the original run of episodes of the live-action counterpart. The podcast was started through SYN Media in 2019 and has since become an independent entity. Highlights of the podcast so far include interviews with the original art director, Bob Gauld-Galliers, and one of the two original music composers, Mike O’Donnell. You can listen to the podcast here.

Quest of the Fictioneer (Coming Soon)

This is an upcoming podcast I have in the works currently where I sit down and talk to individuals in the audio drama and fiction podcast market from programs such as Forest 404, Night Terrace and The Truth. In our discussions, we identify the key areas of how audio fiction is moving forward in the podcast industry as well as particular areas of storytelling with sound that each of these makers appreciate most.

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