Dan Nixon – Pirate Size Productions & Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio

Dan Nixon, Writer & Founder of Pirate Size Productions & Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio

Dan Nixon is the deep imaginative force behind Pirate Size Productions and Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio, two entities that exemplify the significant importance of storytelling.

His own writing career has taken him into television and writing for young audiences between pre-school to young adults and in doing so, lives and breathes this demographic and the storytelling opportunities.

When not writing for work, Dan is writing for fun. His other favourite activities include skiing, hiking, and anything out in the mountains. 

In this week’s podcast, I had the chance to chat with Dan about his form, his previous work and the deep ethos that he has behind authenticating Australian stories and what that has meant for him as a writer.

You can listen to the full episode here:


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I produce and direct fiction podcasts, specialising in creative storytelling with sound.

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