Richard Galbraith – Cartooning To Inspire

Richard Galbraith performing one of his drawing workshops

Have you ever said out loud the statement, “I can’t draw?”

For about 30 years, Richard Galbraith has been defying that urban myth by travelling around Australia and beyond to deliver cartooning workshops. In these sessions with primary school students, he takes them on a journey and shows what they’re truly capable of through the use of lines, circles, triangles and more.

I sat down with Richard for Episode 1 of Dream Machine to explore more into this idea that he’s carried with him while we reflect on when the workshops started off for the first time and how they’ve influenced a generation of young Australians to be creative.

You can find out more about Richard’s work at


Published by Tom Denham

I produce and direct fiction podcasts, specialising in creative storytelling with sound.

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