Tom Denham’s Dream Machine

I’m excited to be releasing a brand new podcast all about one of my favourite things in this world – creativity.

I’ve always been creative and am surrounded by gifted people who go the extra mile with their creativity.

In this conversation style podcast, I’m sitting down with all kinds of people to talk through the creative processes around why they do what they do.

Across the series, you’ll hear from artists, authors, content creators, music makers, even close friends who have been more intimate creative influences in my life.

The people who I’ve already had the pleasure of speaking to have provided such breadth, experience and great ideas that become the cogs and gears that help the “dream machine” grind and whir away, as suggested in the title of the series.

If you’re a creative person with a story to tell, I would absolutely love to hear from you and feature your insight in this exciting journey.

Be sure to subscribe through Acast or where you get your podcasts to hear new episodes dropping very soon.


Published by Tom Denham

I produce and direct fiction podcasts, specialising in creative storytelling with sound.

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